Silicone Rings by Pome

The perfect alternative to metal rings whether you're at the gym, the job or in the great outdoors.


There's no place like pome

Make a statement rocking your favorite pome silicone ring. Display your individuality and commitment to a comfortable and cool vibe. Our lightweight rings are definitely not limited to married couples, who can workout in style with matching rings. Pome silicone bands may be worn by anyone, on the pointer finger or middle finger, for a fun and casual everyday look.

Pome lightweight and flexible silicone ring may be worn individually to fit your mood or outfit of the day, or even stacked for a more unique look. You can even choose to mix colors from different sets for a more custom feel.

Classic Silicone Rings

Bright Silicone Rings

Glitter Silicone Rings

Safety Meets Style

Our safe and non-toxic silicone wedding rings are the hottest trending silicone rubber rings for the everyday lifestyle and a great alternate to a traditional metal wedding bands which can often get the way of work, comfort, and safety.

Harsh environments and the dangers and discomforts surrounding the use of traditional metal wedding rings and metal wedding bands may be greatly avoided with our unique Pome silicone bands. Our premium-grade silicone is non-conductive for those who work with their hands and flexible so as to break free if it gets caught on something.

Ring injuries from ring avulsion are a huge part of hospital trauma visits each year caused by metal rings causing degloving of the skin on one’s finger. Our Pome silicone rings will allow you to work comfortably and safely during most activities.

Made for the Active!

POME Significance

The pomegranate is a symbol representing marriage, abundance, and life.

Pome silicone wedding bands are a modern high-performance everyday alternative to traditional wedding bands. Our silicone wedding rings represent the pursuit of a healthier active lifestyle where fashion meets function.