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Ring Size Guide

The most accurate way to measure is to use our guide below.

Flexible Silicone & Sizing

Our rings are made from silicone — a strong, yet flexible material. We only offer whole ring sizes, not half sizes. If a ring size chart shows that you fall between two whole sizes, i.e 6.5, we recommend that you size down.

Here’s why : In our experience, silicone rings relax and contour to your finger after a few days of wear. If you order a size up, after a few days you will find the ring feels too loose. On the other hand, a smaller ring may feel a little tight in the beginning, but will soon relax to the perfect fit.

What If I Get The Wrong Size?

No worries - If you use the ring size guide everything should work out.

But if it turns out that your ring doesn’t fit, we will make it right... Just send us an email and we will be happy to exchange your ring for a different size at no cost!